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At Firefly, we see the beauty of potential and possess the grit and vision to unlock rare retail investment opportunities.

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Firefly was created by a diverse team of property, investment and finance specialists, bringing together decades of knowledge and expertise to achieve a singular vision:

to provide a platform for strong, stable investment returns through the safe guardianship of its investors property assets. 

Through its longstanding relationships with key experienced professional partners, Firefly has intimate and detailed knowledge of each investment. This sets it apart in delivering high quality passive investments.

This is Firefly’s point of difference.

In turn, Firefly holds exclusive access to acquire a pipeline of retail property assets, which provides select groups of investors the opportunity to participate in the direct ownership of quality assets, which are not otherwise offered to the open market.
Firefly founders take a lead role in underwriting of the investments which, combined with strong corporate governance, keep their feet firmly on the ground and ensure the growth and security of your investment.

Diversify your investments via Firefly’s retail asset portfolio. Let their resources, experience and vision light a fire under exciting opportunity and growth, taking you into new and valuable investment territory.


The Team

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